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First off, let me start out by saying I never thought I would be an official blogger. As I said in my first post at the beginning of the semester, I am highly addicted to Facebook and Twitter. Well, I still am, but blogging isn’t completely awful. I still don’t feel like I’m very good at it but I’ve learned to just type what comes to me, even if it doesn’t get me a 15/15 in the grade book (not a jab at you Jory). When I enrolled in this class I was told by my adviser it was a fun class that would teach me how to use a computer. I thought this class would be more about social media, but instead it was more about designing and creating videos and websites. I don’t see myself in the future doing these things for a living, but at least I can say I know how to. I don’t have a Mac book, I have an HP laptop. But now after working with one every other day I think I will ask for one for Christmas! They really can do just about anything and I feel like I’ll need one for my future in public relations. Jory, you are wonderful and funny teacher. Thank you for putting up with all my questions that were pointless at times. Your corky and witty humor made me like coming to class. I’m not sure if I will continue blogging because I don’t need to be obsessed with anything else that forces me to procrastinate, but I enjoyed looking at other blogs and seeing what people were are up to. This class was a great learning experience and I’m glad i took it. I just wish I liked blogging more. You never know though, I may start blogging every day! But what will I write about without a weekly topic?

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Portfolio Website is a portfolio website I picked out because the website is set up like an ipod. Darek Nyckowiak, a specialist in concept, design and motion pictures, displays links to all of his work on his website. The layout is designed as an ipod because his work can be picked out like you are picking a song to play on your ipod. It’s all very interesting. What ever you want to choose- whether it be a movie, print or sample layouts or information about the art and design, it is easily projected for any one to skim through. The colors are retro and cool. Darek is expressing himself exactly how he wants his audience and employers to view him and his work. His style is shown in his portfolio and I think he will get a lot of business because his website is so unique. You can even view the portfolio as a full screen or a normal screen. Little things like that in a website sets a part a good website with an average one. The only picture he posts is with his contact information, which I think is very humble of him. The portfolios with all of the photographs of the authors are cheesy and turn me off to their work. Darek set up his contact information so the viewer can actually email or write a message on the spot. He even gives out his number which is risky but easy for the viewers to reach him if they want to do work with him. My favorite part of this website is the work he displays. You get to see some examples of some work he has done in the past and what he is currently working on. The flexible 3D gallery is prestigous and classy. It gives Dark some flavor to his portfolio.

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Growing up

Now that I am almost half-way done with my junior year, my stress level is sky-rocketing. I am currently working on my resume to send it out to multiple public relations firms in Oklahoma City and Dallas. There is just something about Dallas that makes me happy. Living there and experiencing life in the fast lane is what I want the most. Living in Oklahoma City for the summer wouldn’t be horrible, but I feel like I need to change it up a little and be on my own. Eventually I want to work in Austin but my mother won’t let me go more than three hours away. She can’t stay away from me for too long. Public relations is very competitive and getting a job will be hard for me because I don’t have many “connections”. Unfortunately with public relations, it’s all in who you know. I believe I deserve a good internship opportunity. I want experience more than anything. I am a hard-worker, I am reliable, respectful, charismatic and out-going. Having quality people skills, knowledge of social media, a creative mind and correct grammer is key to a good job. Without experience, I won’t know if I even like working in public relations. An internship for the summer is all I need to determine my future after college. Now that I am getting older, different things are now more important to me. Going to certain classes is sometimes a struggle but I am very involved on campus. PRSSA, the public relations club on campus is helping me find companys to send my resume to and i’m learning to fix it up perfectly so I will get hired. My spring semester classes I just enrolled in will be tricky, but I know I need to continue to do my best in my classes to keep raising my GPA. I was once told in one of my grammer classes, “your GPA is not important when applying for jobs”. Why would a teacher say that? Yes, I liked hearning that because I know I don’t have a 4.0 to show off, but hearing that could also cause a student to stop trying. I always study for my tests a couple days before because if I procrastinate I start to stress out. Having a week full of activities, meetings and school work is bitter-sweet because at the end of the week I love the feeling of accomplishment. Sundays I lay around and do nothing because I know during the week I won’t have time to just lay around. When or if I get an internship, I want to be super busy because I can’t sit for too long. The older I get the more I want to be involved in. For me, its all about being on top of things and being able to challenge myself when it comes to my work. Not being able to go out on Thursday night because I have something due on Friday doesn’t get me down. I enjoy going out with friends and having a good time but you won’t see me at the bar on a Monday night. Moral of the story- growing up is a little scary, a little stressful and very exciting. My time will come to show off my work and personality and I can’t wait for that to happen.

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Make a Wish Foundation

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Viral video- Kanya West/Taylor Swift

This video went viral because it was so surprising to every one that Kanye actually did that publicly to Taylor Swift on live television. This video was talked about for a long time after the VMA’a and Kanye had to apologize on different talk shows. He showed how embarrassed he was and I truly thought he was sorry. There were thousands of views on Youtube. This video gave Kanye a bad reputation, that’s why this video went viral. There were spin-off videos of an interview with Taylor and Kanye, reaction tape of the crowd, videos of Kanye’s public apology. This interruption was talked about with people for a long time.

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Marcel the Shell

This video has a lot of depth. The camera is steady and there are no jump cuts. There are no glares which makes it easier to see Marcel. The background of the video contains large objects compared to how small Marcel truly is. The shot is medium and there are no close-ups. This video is a great video because it is comedic and enjoyable to watch.

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Bad Videos

This video has no meaning to me. The camera is shaky, there is no point to the video, and the shots aren’t angled correctly. The camera is constantly moving and causing a distraction. To improve this video, there should be more than just obnoxious music. There should be a narrator or people telling a story. The camera should be set on something so it doesn’t shake.

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