Hello all- Today is obviously blog day and I would like to give some of my appreciation to some fellow bloggers.

Thestoryofjory– My electronic communications teacher. Always making social media an up most priority. That’s what I like about her 🙂

Johncmayer– I have heard you’re a tool in real life but I don’t care because your music speaks to me. I’m actually listening to you right now- GO PANDORA. Keep up the good work.

Chelseahandler– You crack me up. Wacthing your witty humor on Chelsea Lately makes me want to not have a fear of midgets anymore (even thought I ALWAYS will). Chewy is a sweet little man though.

Athensbackpackerclub– To you, for making our crazy nights in Athens more enjoyable. For the clean room where we got to meet our dearest friend Kev Mcalister. Long live the Australian! We will return again.

Kardashians- Love your show. Love watching re-runs. Love the chaos- even though you treat your crazy mother poorly. The sarcastic humor is just my style. Want to be friends?

Ciao Bellos!


About llyon89

First-time blogger. Be patient with me...
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One Response to Blogdayyy

  1. Jory says:

    Thanks for the mention! How very nice of you.

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