Public Relations- Social Media

To put it bluntly, Public Relations is more about social media than Advertising is. I have nothing against Advertising by any means but I chose Public Relations because I can relate to people. I know what people want- or at least I like to think I do. My age group is all about the media these says. We love television. We are always online. Whether it be twitter, facebook, e-mail- choose your poison. I check all of those web sites and more at least three times a day. Even on my busiest day. To get through to the target audience, PR practioners need to be realistic. They need to promote ads online, on the radio and on the T.V. Newspapers are great, billboards are fine too, but to get my generation’s attention you must get involved in some major social media soliciting. We have all of this distinguished technology, why not use it to get what we want?

Some information used from- PR-Squared – Social Media Marketing and Public Relations from RSS reader.


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