All night pomp

For all you OSU fans, Homecoming is a really BIG deal. It’s been around for decades, and will continue to live on if fraternitys and sororitys continue to pomp. When school starts in August, a fraternity and sorority get together and plan this amazing, large and expensive deck in hopes on getting first place. This year, my sorority, Theta, is paired up with AGR. Last night I was at AGR for a total of 13 hours sticking pieces of colored paper in chicken wire. Do you think I’m a happy camper this morning? No. It’s also raining cats and dogs outide so that makes it even worse. If all of our hard work goes down the drain because of a storm it will be detrimental. So now, when all of the OSU alumni and their families come to see the house decks today, they will be walking in mud, getting rained on and it won’t be enjoyable at all. It hasn’t rained during Walk-a-rounds in years! As upsetting as this may be for me, I will continue to have a positive attitude. AGR has won Homecoming for the past three years and I hope this will be their fourth!


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