Growing up

Now that I am almost half-way done with my junior year, my stress level is sky-rocketing. I am currently working on my resume to send it out to multiple public relations firms in Oklahoma City and Dallas. There is just something about Dallas that makes me happy. Living there and experiencing life in the fast lane is what I want the most. Living in Oklahoma City for the summer wouldn’t be horrible, but I feel like I need to change it up a little and be on my own. Eventually I want to work in Austin but my mother won’t let me go more than three hours away. She can’t stay away from me for too long. Public relations is very competitive and getting a job will be hard for me because I don’t have many “connections”. Unfortunately with public relations, it’s all in who you know. I believe I deserve a good internship opportunity. I want experience more than anything. I am a hard-worker, I am reliable, respectful, charismatic and out-going. Having quality people skills, knowledge of social media, a creative mind and correct grammer is key to a good job. Without experience, I won’t know if I even like working in public relations. An internship for the summer is all I need to determine my future after college. Now that I am getting older, different things are now more important to me. Going to certain classes is sometimes a struggle but I am very involved on campus. PRSSA, the public relations club on campus is helping me find companys to send my resume to and i’m learning to fix it up perfectly so I will get hired. My spring semester classes I just enrolled in will be tricky, but I know I need to continue to do my best in my classes to keep raising my GPA. I was once told in one of my grammer classes, “your GPA is not important when applying for jobs”. Why would a teacher say that? Yes, I liked hearning that because I know I don’t have a 4.0 to show off, but hearing that could also cause a student to stop trying. I always study for my tests a couple days before because if I procrastinate I start to stress out. Having a week full of activities, meetings and school work is bitter-sweet because at the end of the week I love the feeling of accomplishment. Sundays I lay around and do nothing because I know during the week I won’t have time to just lay around. When or if I get an internship, I want to be super busy because I can’t sit for too long. The older I get the more I want to be involved in. For me, its all about being on top of things and being able to challenge myself when it comes to my work. Not being able to go out on Thursday night because I have something due on Friday doesn’t get me down. I enjoy going out with friends and having a good time but you won’t see me at the bar on a Monday night. Moral of the story- growing up is a little scary, a little stressful and very exciting. My time will come to show off my work and personality and I can’t wait for that to happen.


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2 Responses to Growing up

  1. Wait until you get to your senior year, it will get real scary! I have not had an internship yet or even have yet to apply for one. I am scared of rejection and the real world. Even more than that I don’t know where I would want to live. I am going to look in Boston or close to that area because my sister lives up there. Do you have family in Austin for you to feel comfortable there, or are you just ready to be away from them? I love my family so much that I don’t think I could get too far away from them. I wish you success and luck on your future.

  2. I am soooooooooo with you on stressing out about internships too! I’m not really very “connected” either, at least to people in the PR field. I’m just planning on sending out like 200 applications when the time comes for me to start applying for internships! haha.

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