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http://thetoke.com/#/works/ is a portfolio website I picked out because the website is set up like an ipod. Darek Nyckowiak, a specialist in concept, design and motion pictures, displays links to all of his work on his website. The layout is designed as an ipod because his work can be picked out like you are picking a song to play on your ipod. It’s all very interesting. What ever you want to choose- whether it be a movie, print or sample layouts or information about the art and design, it is easily projected for any one to skim through. The colors are retro and cool. Darek is expressing himself exactly how he wants his audience and employers to view him and his work. His style is shown in his portfolio and I think he will get a lot of business because his website is so unique. You can even view the portfolio as a full screen or a normal screen. Little things like that in a website sets a part a good website with an average one. The only picture he posts is with his contact information, which I think is very humble of him. The portfolios with all of the photographs of the authors are cheesy and turn me off to their work. Darek set up his contact information so the viewer can actually email or write a message on the spot. He even gives out his number which is risky but easy for the viewers to reach him if they want to do work with him. My favorite part of this website is the work he displays. You get to see some examples of some work he has done in the past and what he is currently working on. The flexible 3D gallery is prestigous and classy. It gives Dark some flavor to his portfolio.


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