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All night pomp

For all you OSU fans, Homecoming is a really BIG deal. It’s been around for decades, and will continue to live on if fraternitys and sororitys continue to pomp. When school starts in August, a fraternity and sorority get together and plan this amazing, large and expensive deck in hopes on getting first place. This year, my sorority, Theta, is paired up with AGR. Last night I was at AGR for a total of 13 hours sticking pieces of colored paper in chicken wire. Do you think I’m a happy camper this morning? No. It’s also raining cats and dogs outide so that makes it even worse. If all of our hard work goes down the drain because of a storm it will be detrimental. So now, when all of the OSU alumni and their families come to see the house decks today, they will be walking in mud, getting rained on and it won’t be enjoyable at all. It hasn’t rained during Walk-a-rounds in years! As upsetting as this may be for me, I will continue to have a positive attitude. AGR has won Homecoming for the past three years and I hope this will be their fourth!

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Music for the soul- John Mayer

From a gas station attendant to a music star, John Mayer is a major artist all across the world. As cheesy as it sounds, listening to Mayer’s music lifts my spirits. I will present to you a little of Mr. Mayer’s music background because he is so great to talk about! John Mayer was born on Oct. 16, 1977 in Connecticut. Mayer dropped out of college to pursue his dream and recorded his first album “Inside Wants Out”. Mayer then became a local performer at a local blues club in Atlanta, Georgia (one of my favorite songs was “Why Georgia”). Mayer then started his career and began to climb on the Billboard charts. Mayer’s first love in the music business was Jenner Love-Hewitt but it didn’t last long. Mayer’s first Grammy was in 2003 for “Your Body is a Wonderland”. Mayer proceeded to make inspiring music and tell the world, “The best feeling that I will ever have in my life is just walking, just being, the night that I finish a song.” Many other popular bands Mayer has toured with is Maroon 5, Counting Crows, The Wallflowers and Guster. His most recent album that just came out is called “As Is”. Mayer will continue to make good music and he loves to perform in front of a good audience.

I can honestly relate to every song he has ever written. His concert was the best concert I have ever been to. Many girls love John Mayer because they think he is “dreamy” or “sexy”. I love John Mayer because his lyrics and his soulful voice makes me happy. When I’m having a bad day, I put on John Mayer. When I get my feelings hurt, I listen to John Mayer. Rumors about John Mayer and his reputation of being a “womanizer” or a jerk don’t get to me because gossip happens because of jealousy. There was an interview he did with Rolling Stone magazine recently where he was over-sharing about his sexual relationships and how girls throw themselves at him- I don’t care about that. All I want is for him to keep singing, strumming his guitar and making glorious music. Ever use Pandora on the internet? Type in his name and you will not regret it. His songs play, but so do other musicians in the same genre. I listen to him every time I study, clean my room, or surf the net.

For me, a good song can speak to the soul. When I listen to one of his songs I picture what he is doing when he is singing and playing his guitar. Who he is with, what he is wearing, what he is thinking and what inspired him to write it. Did he just get dumped or lose a friend? Is he in love or does he want to go back to when he was young and care-free? Whenever some one asks me what song to play I always say John Mayer. His music just keeps getting better overtime. I can honestly say I know the words to almost ALL of his songs.

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I looked up a podcast on about the new movie “Social Networking” called Monkey See-listen to the story. It’s about the maker of facebook being portrayed as greedy and snobby, when actually he was a hard-working Harvard college student that was intelligent enough to create the most popular social networking company in the world. In the background of the podcast, there were people interviewing. When the creator of facebook came on the podcast there was laughing in the background with his friends but that is the only background noise. I enjoyed the podcast and really want to see the movie now.

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The weekend is near

After stressing out about my Soundslide project for a couple of weeks, I am finally free! As much as I would like my weekend to be here, it’s not yet. I have a couple of assignments to do tonight but then tomorrow I am off to Dallas for OU/TX weekend! Yes, I go to OSU and yes I love it here but taking a little vacation every now and then is much needed! I’m sure every one agrees. This weekend will consist of good food at the fair and fun bars and parties at night. I love Dallas! Sadly, I’ll be missing the OSU game tomorrow night but I sold my ticket and got some money for it. Good luck Pokes! See you all on Monday!

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Pictorial of Rome

I chose a pictorial of Rome because I visited there this summer and had the time of my life. With all of the enchanting art work and historical places, I could not seem to get enough. This pictorial shows videos of the painting, the beautiful houses and streets and even shows an interview with an exhibit commissioner. If I had never been to Rome, this pictorial would make me want to experience it. The background music along with the narrator in the pictorial are put together nicely. The main focus of the pictorial is of the “Painting of an Empire”.

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